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Price List

PRICES FROM 1st September 2017
Wedding Cakes -Chocolate 3 tier 30cm, 23cm, 20cm R1700
  3 tier 30cm, 23cm, 18cm R1600
  2 tier 30cm, 23cm R1150

Chocolate Cakes






    20cm R175
    23cm R270
    26cm R300
    30cm R390
    Rectangular 34x34 cms R300
    Large rectangular 40x33 R390
Chocolate Truffle   23cm R300
Itallian Ricotta Cake   23cm R295
Lemon Almond Ricotta   20cm R210
    23cm R310
Apple & Frangipane Tart   30cm R190

Red Velvet (with cream cheese icing)

  20cm R180
    23cm R275
    26cm R305
Chocolate & Almond no flour   20cm R220
    23cm R320
Carrot Cake (with cream cheese icing)   23cm R275
    Rectangular 24x34 cms R305
Baked Cheesecake   20cm R200
    23cm R250
Blueberry & Cinnamon Torte   20cm R175
    26cm R225
Vanilla   20cm R150
    23cm R210
    Rectangular 24x34 cms R230
Quiches   30cm from R195
We make different options according to customers wishes,
some of the combinations are roasted butternut,
cherry tomatoes and optional blue cheese,
roast chicken mushroom and leeks, spinach and ricotta
Cup Cakes   Standard size R8.00
    Medium R6.50 (Vanilla)
    Bite size R4.000
Fruit Tarts   30cm from R185
Priced according to seasonal berries.
The base is baked frangipane in a short-crust pastry
Rusks   per packet R45
Biscotti   per packet R45
Shortcake   per packet R35

Chocolate Biscuits (chilli, Pepper, Ginger

Cinnamon & orange


NB : Laser prints & extra decorations will be

an additional charge

  pack of 10 R45